WinSTETS Videos

Screen shots are nice, but they don't really give you the "look and feel" of the program.

On this page we have provided links to streaming videos that will show you some of WinSTETS most popular features.  These are videos of the actual running program, including narration explaining what is being done.

You will need to contact Stonebridge Software, Inc. for the video key password.

Please read this before requesting a password

When requesting information by email, please include your full business contact information, including phone number.  We will not distribute passwords without this information.


Also, we have had cases where our email was blocked by aggressive spam filters on the companies email server, and we had no phone number to follow up.   If this happened to you, no, we are not ignoring you!  we just can't contact you...

WinSTETS Video Links

(these are WMV, Windows Media Videos, so your browser will have to know how to play them. Usually MS Internet Explorer works best.)

If you are going to play more than one of these videos, it is suggested that if Internet Explorer asks you if you want to memorize the userid and password you say "yes".  The same applies when Windows Media Player asks about the userid and password.

These videos contain the valuable intellectual property of Stonebridge Software, Inc. and are provided to potential users for evaluation purposes only.  By viewing these videos you agree to protect them as you would your own companies' proprietary information.

Creating Tagouts

Creating New Standard Tagouts

Customizing the Tagout Screen for a User

Customizing the Toolbar for a User

Example of a Simple Custom Screen

Using Barcodes to scan in Tags after Job completion





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