WinSTETS Update Area

WinSTETS version 5

If you would like to upgrade to, or try out, version 5 download this setup file:

Version 5 full setup: Setup5.exe (current ver. 5.0.7355) When upgrading to this version from a version prior to 5.0.6676 you need to do a full install from the setup file because a new dll was added. You cannot upgrade from a version prior to 5.0.6676 by using the ExecutableOnly option.

If you are using version 5.0.6676 or later and wish to download only the latest executable files (about 1.6MB) you can get them here: ExecutableOnly (5.0.7355) note that this executable may represent some minor updates, and may be a later version than the full setup4.exe file)

Not sure if you want to update?  Check out the
 Latest Release Notes (ver 5.0.7355)

Want to download the latest help file?  Here it is:
 Latest Help file (ver 5.0.6252)

FYI - the last 4 digits of the version number do not increment by 1 for each release.  They represent internal, development only, test versions and it is not uncommon for them to jump by large increments between official, public releases.

(Be sure to read the release notes in the \doc directory to see what has changed)

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