General System Requirements

For best performance, the following hardware configuration is recommended:

  • IBM or 100% compatible with 1GHz or faster Pentium processor
  • 128 MByte main memory
  • 40 to 70 MByte available hard disk space

WinSTETS also requires the following hardware to support its operation:

  • Laser printer for reports and worksheets
  • Laser, dot-matrix or label printer for peel-off tags
  • Color monitor display (800x600 minimum, 1024 x 768 optimal)

WinSTETS requires the following software to support its operation:

  • Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7
  • Crystal ReportsŪ (only required for creating or modifying your existing reports)


· Customers deploying WinSTETS on a WAN may want to consider a "remote client" system (such as Citrix Metaframe).  Using a "remote client" system requires only screen updates to be transferred over the WAN thereby providing a much higher level of performance over a slow WAN connection.


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