WinSTETS Overview

With WinSTETS, maintaining a safe and efficient plant has never been easier. WinSTETS takes the vital, yet exceedingly time-consuming task of safety tagging and by automating it, makes it faster, more manageable and more error-free than ever before.

Our customers tell us that WinSTETS is absolutely the easiest to use, most user customizable Lockout/Tagout system on the market.  There simply is nothing out there that compares.


With the standard tagout capabilities of WinSTETS, you'll dramatically reduce outage preparation time. Now whenever outages occur, WinSTETS can provide you with a comprehensive equipment status report and easily print whatever safety labels and permits (such as Confined Space) you need. Not only will you save countless man hours in maintenance, but you'll also save thousands of dollars in nonproductive time. Also, since WinSTETS predefines your tagging needs, preparation of safety tags is implemented in a more controlled environment so there is far less chance for human error.


WinSTETS is your strategic tool in complying with OSHA 1910.0147 (Control of hazardous energy - Lockout/Tagout) and OSHA 1910.0146 (Permit required Confined Space).  Both of these regulations are consistently in OSHA's top 25 list of violations.  OSHA notwithstanding, WinSTETS simply helps you run a safer plant... avoid accidents, and reduce human error.


Don't just print tags!  Make the most of your efforts in maintaining a safe workplace.  By making use of the advanced features of WinSTETS, you can easily keep track of all your plant equipment and know the status of critical systems and components. WinSTETS can track the entire life-cycle of the lockout / tagout process as well as making use of ad-hoc updates to the master equipment database. WinSTETS provides full audit trails, operator logs, equipment line-up lists and detailed Management Reports that provide you with timely information on the status of all plant equipment.


PC based with Local Area Network Compatibility

WinSTETS is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. WinSTETS has been fully tested under the Microsoft Windows NT and 2000 network operating systems as well as other well known LAN systems.

Intuitive, easy to use screens

All WinSTETS displays conform to generally accepted standards for Windows based graphical user interfaces.

Full context sensitive on line help

Standard Windows based HELP screens with interactive, active graphics help.

Broad use of pop-up pick lists

WinSTETS makes extensive use of pick-menus and drop-down lists to minimize keystrokes and make the most of available information in the database.

Complete Master Equipment List

The WinSTETS database serves as a complete and extensively detailed master equipment list for all of your plant components. This enables WinSTETS to not only administer your tagout/lockout program but also enables plant change control management and tracking of all equipment status.

Complete Internal Security and logging of all database changes

Access to all WinSTETS functions are governed by user access lists and password protection. All significant database transactions are entered into an event log which enables reporting for change management and accountability. Event logging also includes manually entered Operator Logs and notes.

Support for multiple Tag Types, Lockout / Tagout rules and Nomenclature

User definition of different, multiple types and colors of safety tags is easily accomplished during initial program setup. Tagging rules which define tag type conflict checking is also easily user-entered during WinSTETS setup. All important tagout nomenclature is user definable for all displays and reports.

Support for physical lock management

WinSTETS has the option of adding lock tracking for those devices which require positive lockout.

Printed TagOut work sheets and TagOut Labels

Both placement and removal of tags can be augmented by detailed TagOut worksheets. WinSTETS also prints TagOut labels which help ensure legibility and accountability. All printed output from WinSTETS is generated using Crystal ReportsŪ , a widely used, user friendly Windows based reporting subsystem.  Users can also attach their own documents (ie: doc, xls or pdf type files) to any TagOut, allowing you to utilize existing procedures and documentation.

Hazard and Confined Space Permits

Augment your safety tagging program with the use of WinSTET's Hazard Permits. WinSTETS allows custom building of printed permits which can identify hazardous conditions, control measures and any miscellaneous information which is required for safe work in confined spaces or other limiting work environments.

System alignment worksheets, an optional feature

WinSTETS allows definition of, and tracking of system/equipment alignment procedures often used to alter plant operating conditions, meet tech spec requirements or perform safety inspections. This adds another level of functionality in maintaining the current status of your plant equipment.

Support for multiple Plant Operating Modes

WinSTETS allows definition of a number of plant operating modes. Each mode of operation can have associated with it different operating characteristics for each equipment record in the master database. This allows tracking of normal vs. off-normal equipment disposition based on plant operating mode. For example, valves and breakers will have "normal" positions (closed, on, off, etc.) when in one mode of plant operation (such as "on-line") and different "normal" positions when in some other mode of operation (such as "shut-down").

In-service/Out of service tracking

Equipment records as well as pre-defined equipment lists (ie. alignment lists) allow tracking of in-service/out-of-service status based on administrative procedures.

Standard (predefined) TagOuts and Group Tagging

Pre-defined lockout/tagout lists let you create tagout "templates" for more efficient safety tagging. These templates can then be used to isolate equipment while greatly reducing the chance for human error.

Group tagging makes the best use of equipment outage time by allowing more than one person or department to sign-on to a tagout workorder.

TagOut Optimization

By making use of pre-defined lockout/tagout lists, WinSTETS can check on the availability of pre-existing TagOuts to allow you to take advantage of a Group Tagging situation. 

Sharing of single TAGS (ALARA), an optional feature

ALARA - As Low As Reasonably Achievable - A program to reduce occupational radiation exposure at nuclear facilities in the United States and abroad.

This WinSTETS feature supports Nuclear Generating Stations that wish to limit the amount of radiation exposure to their technicians.  WinSTETS automatically allows an arbitrary number of workers (working under the same or different work order numbers) to share a single physical tag.  WinSTETS provides full status and reporting capabilities of who is sharing each tag.

This feature is also useful for those non-nuclear stations that simply want to take advantage of tag sharing. 

Electronic Signatures, an optional feature

Allows full accountability by mandating that all signatory fields be validated against a pre-authorized list, and requiring that all entries be authenticated by the individuals unique password.  This prevents "Joe" from electronically signing for "Fred" because Joe won't know Fred's unique password.

Enterprise Database, an optional feature

In the standard version, WinSTETS uses DBF database files to store data.  For those customers wishing to take advantage of an enterprise database, the WinSTETS Enterprise Database option allows WinSTETS to use a SQL Server back end database.

Full suite of Management Reports

Summary and Detail reports for Tagouts, Standard Tagouts, and Equipment Alignments. Component Off-Normal reports, Component Status, Events Log, Master Equipment Lists, ... and more. All reports are generated using Crystal ReportsŪ , a widely used, user friendly Windows based reporting subsystem. Reports and tag label formats are easily user configured to meet your own needs.

Fully end-user customizable

WinSTETS was designed from the ground up to be completely user customizable.  Starting with the ability to move or completely delete unneeded fields from your Tagout screen, you can create multiple screen appearances from very simple, to more complex, and assign them to individual users.  In addition, you have complete control over nomenclature (what things are called) as well as the tagout lifecycle, approvals, permits, externally linked documents (MS Word, Excel, PDF, etc), tag types, tagged position definitions, etc..


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