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In order to run a safer, more efficient work site, many companies are looking to formalize their lockout / tagout procedures.  WinSTETStm, our premier lockout/tagout solution, provides the tools necessary to transition a company from a manual system, or from an older, obsolete system, to a state of the art solution. 

Why buy instead of build?  Many customers ponder the question of whether to buy a commercial LOTO package, or write their own custom application.  Stonebridge Software maintains that by deploying our commercial WinSTETS LOTO system you will benefit from the collective knowledge of all our customers and obtain a software package that reflects the sum of all our other customers' needs.  This is particularly important if you are interested in implementing the system in a timely fashion, and don't want to invest a lot of time and effort designing and re-designing a custom program.  By choosing WinSTETS you do it once, you do it right, and for a lower cost than a "roll your own".

Remember, lockout/tagout and confined space violations are consistently among OSHA's top 25 list of most cited violations. 

A WinSTETStm Milestone: 20,000 outage requests for a single customer!

We received this message from PSEG in NJ:
Not sure how this compares to some of your other customers, but we just reached a milestone - 20,000 WinSTETS outage requests.  This is quite an accomplishment for your product. We have only encountered very few minor issues over the years!  Thanks for all your support.

Ron Wharton, PSEG


Announcing WinSTETS Litetm

Where is it written that only large plants can take advantage of the safety and efficiency of an automated Lockout/Tagout package?

We are pleased to announce the introduction of WinSTETS Lite.  WinSTETS Lite provides a cost and performance that aligns perfectly with the requirements of smaller plants.   Contact us for more information.

Announcing WinSTETS Forms Design Managertm

Using WinSTETS Forms Design Manager you can customize your Tagout Screens so that they contain only the information you want to see, and that information is exactly where you want to see it.
In addition, you can use WinSTETS Forms Design Manager to make any field "required" and to assign and enforce specific data entry patterns for a field.



Attn: Nuclear Generating Stations:

Let WinSTETS® help you achieve your ALARA goals with our single shared tag support!

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