Ok, you've gotten this far, so you probably understand that automated lockout tagout means much more than putting your equipment list and procedures into an Excel spreadsheet.

WinSTETS works the way YOU want it to:

One major benefit of WinSTETS is its' customizable interface.  What does that mean?  

It means that it is user configurable to meet the needs of the least sophisticated sites (which simply require the printing of tags and worksheets) , as well as the most sophisticated sites (such as nuclear power plants), which need to control the entire life cycle of an equipment clearance.  

In addition, all of the major terminology (ie: what you see on the screen and in reports) is user customizable...  so, if you call it a tagout, and I call it a clearance, no problem!

This is a fully functional version of WinSTETS with a demo database.  The download file is approximately 160MB.  In order to install this demo you must first contact Stonebridge Software for the proper password.  You may call us, or we can call you.  Either way, we need to track who gets our demo, so we need your full business contact information.

Requests such as "Please send me the demo password" sent from a Hotmail account do not constitute an appropriate request.

IMPORTANT: don't let WinSTETS overwhelm you with its features

Did we mention that the user can configure WinSTETS?  

By offering our demo to the public, we are playing with a double edge sword. On the one hand, we must leave all of the options turned on so our prospects understand the rich offerings of the program. Since we have specialized in LOTO software for 30 years, there aren't many requirements we see that can't be satisfied right "out of the box".

On the other hand, some prospects see all the features and are immediately dissuaded from looking any further because they feel the program is too "complex" for their needs. The truth is that WinSTETS can be CONFIGURED based on the users requirements.  Many of the features can simply be turned off, and the Tagout Screens can be custom designed by the customer without customizing any code! One of the benefits to this is that if the customer ever wants to try out a new feature, they simply need to turn that feature back on again. You don't have that option with less comprehensive tagging systems that have a lesser number of features!

So, remember that WinSTETS demos default to all features being turned on.  Again, you can always turn off features that are not needed using the Configuration Manager that comes with WinSTETS.  In addition, you can use the Forms Design Module to customize your Tagout Screens so that you see just the fields you want to see, and position them where on the screen you want them to be.  If, after having used WinSTETS for a period of time, you wish to try some of the other features, just turn them back on! 

Download the demo version and then configure it with the features you require using the Configuration Manager module.  The documentation is included in the demo. 

Please note: all downloads require a password which you can obtain from Stonebridge Software, Inc.

Try the demo version

For those customers who would like to try WinSTETS, and have a high speed internet connection, you need to download the following file:

setup5 -  contains ver 5.0.7355 WinSTETS application.

You will need to contact Stonebridge Software, Inc. for the installation key password.


Please read this before requesting a password

When requesting information by email, please include your full business contact information, including phone number.  We will not distribute demos without this information.


Also, we have had cases where our email was blocked by aggressive spam filters on the companies email server, and we had no phone number to follow up.   If this happened to you, no, we are not ignoring you!  we just can't contact you...

Installation instructions:

1. download the file above (setup4).

2. run it and supply the installation password obtained from Stonebridge Software.

Developers Note:

You will need the developers edition of Crystal Reports if you wish to customize your reports.  

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