About Stonebridge Software

Since 1986, Stonebridge Software has provided computerized Lockout-Tagout solutions to Energy and Process Control industries worldwide. Our flagship product, WinSTETS, (Safety Tagging and Equipment Tracking System) is the most comprehensive LOTO package on the market today.

Our software is currently used by hundreds of end-users in a wide variety of installations, including nuclear power plants, fossil fuel plants, co-gen plants, and chemical processing plants. Our clients include some of the largest companies in the world with a variety of demanding lockout/tagout requirements. Industry giants such as DuPont, Westinghouse, Shell, PSE&G, and Brookhaven Nat'l Laboratory have chosen WinSTETS as their LOTO solution.

What our clients are saying....

"We've found WinSTETS to be powerful, flexible, and extremely easy to use. I hate to use the phrase 'user friendly', but that's exactly what it is, and the post sales support has been exceptional."

Lester J. Sauer, Northern Indiana Public Service Company

"Of the Lockout/Tagout Software that we have looked at, WinSTETS gives us the best value for our money. Stonebridge's support is timely, and they will work until the problem is resolved."

Jim Hicks, Sierra Pacific Power Company

"PSE&G’s Electric Transmission Department had demanding requirements for an automated LOTO system.  Tagging request work orders had to span geographic, departmental as well as interstate boundaries.  Many jobs involved intricate switching orders and were centrally orchestrated from the Electric System Operations Center Planning Group.  Safety tagging rules also governed strict adherence to access rights granted to authorized personnel.  Several available safety-tagging systems were evaluated over a period of six months.  Ultimately PSE&G’s Transmission department chose to implement a commercially available system, WinSTETS™,  from Stonebridge Software Inc. for their safety tagging requirements.  Some of the key requirements in the decision making included ease of use, built in safety features, adherence to existing business process rules, flexibility in configuring the system look and feel, and easy migration of existing data."

Ron Wharton, Public Service Electric & Gas

The above quote from Ron Wharton was extracted from an article he wrote for Transmission & Distribution World Magazine.  The full article can be found here.

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